Welcome to the PEAK Entrepreneurs Reach and Teach Study and Virtual Learning Environment!

This online resource is designed to provide young mountain entrepreneurs with access to online training modules and support for remote learning. Whether you are starting a new business, developing your skills, or looking for inspiration, the PEAK Youth VLE has something for you. Explore the resources, connect with other young entrepreneurs, and take your business to new heights.

The PEAK Entrepreneurs Reach and Teach Study and VLE is a response to the PEAK NEEDS Analysis Report, which found that 69% of young people in mountain areas would like access to online training modules. The report also highlighted the challenges posed by limited broadband connectivity in remote and peripheral areas. The PEAK Youth VLE aims to address these challenges by conducting a study on the current status of broadband connectivity in Europe’s mountain regions and selecting the best virtual learning environment tools for remote/peripheral access.

Broadband Connectivity Study

The broadband connectivity study is a comprehensive analysis of the current status of broadband connectivity in Europe’s mountain regions. The study includes a review of existing data and statistics, as well as insights from local communities, businesses, and experts from within our partnership.

The PEAK Youth VLE is an online platform that provides young mountain entrepreneurs with access to online training modules, resources, and support for remote learning.

The VLE includes a variety of modules on topics such as business development, marketing, finance, and leadership. The modules will be designed to be interactive, engaging, and accessible even with limited internet connectivity. The PEAK Youth VLE will also feature testimonials from young mountain entrepreneurs who have benefited from the resources.

The resources and support section will provide additional resources and support for young mountain entrepreneurs. This section will include links to relevant organizations, programs, and events that can help young entrepreneurs develop their skills, connect with other entrepreneurs, and access funding and resources. The section will also provide contact information for questions and feedback.

Our blog section 

features the latest news, updates, and insights on mountain entrepreneurship and remote learning. The blog will include guest posts from young mountain entrepreneurs and experts in the field, as well as tips, strategies, and success stories. The blog will be updated regularly to provide a dynamic and engaging platform for young entrepreneurs.

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Get Involved

The Get Involved section will provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs to contribute and collaborate with the PEAK Youth VLE. This section will include ways to share feedback, suggestions, and success stories, as well as opportunities to participate in surveys, focus groups, and other research activities. The section will also encourage young entrepreneurs to spread the word and help more young mountain entrepreneurs access the resources.