Momentum Marketing Services (MMS) is focused on developing progressive learning programmes and platforms for education with a special focus on the sustainable SME social, environmental and economic economy. Our work in the green economy includes knowledge and experience in fields such as clean technologies, renewable energy, green construction, waste management, eco-tourism, habitat conservation, organic food processing, enterprise development, biodiversity, circular economy, climate change etc all underpinned by education and learning. The ultimate goal is to mobilise our next generation of innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs and stimulate job creation with a global climate change focus.  We are experts in professional development training in the green economy, eco-innovation, rural economy regeneration, enterprise stimulus training incorporating new approaches to marketing, innovation, internationalisation, competitiveness and business improvement. MMS is also experienced in Youth-oriented projects, such as The European Youth Roots, an Erasmus+ project, which promotes the involvement of young people in innovative projects in the field of participatory and sustainable tourism.


Momentum’s role in the PEAK Project is to develop the Youth Entrepreneurs Video Showcase. MMS will also provide;

  • The provision of youth entrepreneurship education and/or tailored education supports, research and knowledge exchange regarding those in remote, rural or mountain areas
  • Sustainable development and climate-smart regeneration knowledge and experience in the application of the Sustainable Development
  • Particular specialist experience in developing innovative digital technologies, skills and tools and/or specialist entrepreneurship skills programmes in the tourism/food/Agri sectors
  • Strong links to Irish tourism and natural heritage stakeholders and policymakers at local, regional, national and EU level
  • The project with exceptional expertise in design and branding. MMS have a proven capacity to participate in multi-actor projects and dissemination capabilities